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Terms & Conditions

  1. You are entitled to join the F.O.S Rewards Program if you purchase RM50 & above in a single receipt in any F.O.S Factory Outlet Store or F.O.S Kids & Teens outlets.
  2. You are required to pay a RM10 annual joining fee.
  3. You are required to present your original MyKad for membership processing on the spot.
  4. F.O.S is only able to access and capture your Name, NRIC number, Address and Gender in your MyKad. F.O.S will not access any other information in your MyKad.
  5. Your NRIC number will be your F.O.S Rewards Program membership number. No other card is needed to prove your F.O.S Rewards Program membership.
  6. You are required to fill out the F.O.S Rewards Program registration form accurately and completely.
  7. The F.O.S Rewards Program Membership is open only to Malaysians.
  8. Only one (1) F.O.S Rewards Program membership per account per person.
  9. If your original MyKad is not presented during transaction, no discount will be given & no points will be accumulated.
  10. The 10% discount & points accumulation will be given to you once you make purchase immediately upon membership registration at the outlet where your membership is processed and registered. After three (3) days, these membership privileges will apply to all other F.O.S Factory Outlet Store or F.O.S Kids & Teens outlets.
  11. As a member of the F.O.S Rewards Program, you are entitled to a 10% discount on all normal items.
  12. As a member of the F.O.S Rewards Program, a SMS Birthday Blast will be sent to you on your Birthday which you may use for a special 20% Birthday discount on normal items.
  13. No further Birthday discount voucher will be issued to you.
  14. This 20% Birthday discount is to be used only for 1 transaction and is valid for only for one (1) month from your Birthday.
  15. Each SMS Birthday Blast will consist of a unique serial code which you will need to present from your mobile at the cashier counter before making payment.
  16. This Birthday discount will automatically be forfeited should you not make use of it at the expiry of the validity period.
  17. Eg: Member's Birthday = 19 June;
    20% Birthday Discount Voucher valid period
    = 19 June - 18 July.
  18. The 10% Rewards Discount & 20% Birthday Discount cannot be used together, or combined with any existing F.O.S employee discounts, markdown items, promo items, New Store Opening Specials & external tie-ups of F.O.S. Not valid on previous purchases, special purchases, special orders, payment on credit accounts, or any discount offers except otherwise allowed. Discounts have no cash value, substitutions, exchanges or price adjustments. Mass distribution of these discounts is prohibited. Valid at F.O.S Factory Outlet Stores and F.O.S Kids & Teens
    stores in Malaysia only.
  19. System will indicate breakdown of Total Savings on your receipt. All savings percentage will be applied to reduced prices.
  20. As a member of the F.O.S Rewards Program, you are able to accumulate points each time you spend at F.O.S Factory Outlet Store or F.O.S Kids & Teens.
  21. One (1) point will be awarded for every RM1 spent at F.O.S with a validity period of one (1) year from joining or renewal date.
  22. Every RM1 spent = 1 point earned.
    Eg: RM138 spent = 138 points.
  23. Points are rounded down during accumulation process. Eg: Nett Total Amount Spent = RM138.65. Points Earned = 138 points.
  24. Please present your original MyKad as proof of membership to the cashier prior to your transaction each time you spend at F.O.S Factory Outlet Store or F.O.S Kids & Teens.
  25. For points accumulation, you are required to present your original MyKad prior to the transaction being made.
  26. No photocopies will be accepted.
  27. Without your original MyKad, no points will be accumulated and any redemptions will not be honoured.
  28. Your previous & current accumulated points balance is indicated on the receipt for each transaction made.
  29. You can only check your accumulated point balance & membership expiry date with your NRIC number at any F.O.S Factory Outlet Store or F.O.S Kids & Teens outlets.
  30. Points may be earned on new store opening days, or on any external tie-ups of F.O.S Factory Outlet Store and F.O.S Kids & Teens.
  31. A RM10 rebate voucher will be printed out on your receipt each time your purchase accumulation point reaches five hundred (500) & above and the voucher is applicable on your next total purchase.
  32. Every 500 points = RM10 rebate voucher.
  33. When a RM10 rebate voucher is issued, five hundred (500) points will automatically be deducted from your account.
  34. Should your accumulated points reach 1000, 1500, 2000, etc; a single RM20, RM30, RM40, etc rebate voucher will be issued. No multiple RM10 rebate vouchers will be issued.
  35. You have the option to utilize this rebate voucher for the next transaction immediately at outlet which issued the voucher or after three (3) days at all other F.O.S Factory Outlet Store and F.O.S Kids & Teens outlets.
  36. The rebate voucher is valid at all F.O.S Factory Outlet Store and F.O.S Kids & Teens outlets in Malaysia, redeemable for one (1) time use only and must be surrendered at time of payment.
  37. Redemption only valid upon presentation of original rebate voucher.
  38. The rebate voucher is not redeemable, refundable and/or exchangeable for cash or F.O.S Rewards points.
  39. No refund will be made on purchases less than voucher amount.
  40. Difference must be paid in cash for purchases above voucher amount.
  41. Expired, damaged, defaced, duplication or
    reproduction of the rebate voucher in any manner voids the voucher and F.O.S Factory Outlet Store and F.O.S Kids & Teens have no obligation to accept it.
  42. Lost or expired rebate vouchers cannot be replaced.
  43. The rebate voucher is fully transferable and is valid for one (1) month from date of issuance. Expired vouchers are not eligible for point reinstatement or extension of validity period. Mass distribution of the vouchers is prohibited.
  44. The rebate voucher is applicable to all items including markdown items, promo items, member discounts & external tie-ups.
  45. F.O.S reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel any of the terms and conditions of the rebate voucher without any prior notice.
  46. Your F.O.S Rewards Program membership is valid for one (1) year from joining/renewal date.
  47. Members with annual in-store total purchase amount of RM500 & above will have their membership automatically renewed with no renewal fee required, otherwise you need to pay RM10 to renew your annual membership.
  48. Balance points will NOT be carried forward to the next cycle of your membership.
  49. Your membership renewal will be updated within three (3) days.
  50. Your expired membership can be re-activated by paying a RM10 joining fee.
  51. Your re-activated membership can be used for the 10% discount & points accumulation at the same outlet on the same date and within three
    (3) days for utilization at other F.O.S Factory Outlet Store or F.O.S Kids & Teens outlets.
  52. Your expired membership information will be kept in the Rewards Program System for a maximum period of one (1) year.
  53. Should your expired membership not be renewed after one (1) year, all your membership details will be deleted and you will have to submit a fresh registration with your MyKad & application form.
  54. The F.O.S Rewards Program is valid at all F.O.S Factory Outlet Store and F.O.S Kids & Teens stores in Malaysia except F.O.S Wholesale Concept Stores.
  55. All employees of F.O.S or F.O.S Apparel Group Sdn. Bhd. are not entitled to this F.O.S Rewards Program.
  56. F.O.S Rewards Program members shall be deemed to have read, understood, and agreed with the terms and conditions of the F.O.S Rewards Program membership.
  57. Terms & conditions are determined by F.O.S Apparel Group Sdn. Bhd. and the company has the sole discretion to change them without any prior notice.
  58. This F.O.S Rewards membership is non-transferable & it remains the property of F.O.S Apparel Group Sdn. Bhd. at all times.
  59. F.O.S Apparel Group Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to discontinue/cancel and end the F.O.S Rewards Program and to revoke any membership privileges at any time without notice.